Welcome to the District of the West-Reformed Episcopal Church

The District of the West (DOW) is an association of Anglican clergy and parishes for mutual support in missionary efforts in the Western states. Formerly we had this association as the Diocese of the West, Reformed Episcopal Church. At present we don't have any official status as an organization, but find it helpful to continue our walk together as Anglicans grounded in the historic prayer book tradition.

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We welcome all people. We come in expectation that God will touch our lives so that we might live with him and with one another for eternity. Whether this is your first time hearing about God making himself known, or you are looking for something deeper than you learned long ago, or if you're looking to return to the foundation of the Christian faith and practice, the RE Church embodies the richness of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit. At this website, you will find resources and information, but Anglican spirituality is one that is experienced in Common worship in our local congregations. While you may read the prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, the real mystery of worship is present when the "two or three are gathered together" to offer their praise to God in keeping with liturgy of Church which is being prayed from generation to generation. We encourage you to seek the Truth as "the Truth shall set you free." We invite your questions and presence in our midst. All of our gatherings are open to everyone who desires to draw closer to God.


It's about entering into the presence of God. We want to present an opportunity for you to experience being touched by God. Our message, our music, and our people are all part of an atmosphere where we meet God in true worship using ancient liturgies of the Church. Worship is not entertainment. The symbols, language, and even our standing, sitting, and kneeling all give shape to the mystery of God making himself present with us. We know that your first time at church, any church, will bring up questions. Here are some FAQ.

Why can't "you" Christians all get together?
Don't you believe that Jesus is God's only Son and our Savior?

The Diocese of the West and the Reformed Episcopal Church are part of the Anglican Church in North America and are associated with Anglican churches throughout the world as historic Anglicanism holds to that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all. And those beliefs are those coming from the Bible--not a peculiar individual reading, but one that is commonly agreed upon by Christians through the ages. Unfortunately, Jesus' words "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but by me" have yet to enter fully in to our hearts. But the Reformed Episcopal Church is working to make being one in Christ a reality on the local level. We are the ones needing to conform ourselves to God, so in obedience to his Word we actively seek to live out that oneness found in Jesus.